You Are Enough And What You Can Expect With The New Moon In Capricorn

Just in case no one has told you lately (& you’ve been forgetting to tell yourself), you are enough!

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 12:13 am EST, we will be at the height of the energy of the new moon in Capricorn. An annual solar eclipse, the new moon represents a time when energy is being drawn in. This is a time of inspiration and planting seeds for manifesting in the next lunar cycle.

An eclipse represents closing a chapter, prompting us to begin anew. This particular new moon is the last in 2019 – the last of the year and the last of the decade, so it is even a more powerful time to notice what ideas come up that you can use to build and create your new reality. When we implement the ideas we receive during the new moon (beginning the day before and lasting through about a day or so after), we have a great opportunity to create a secure, solid foundation for our future.

Always remember, you are living the life you are this moment because of the decisions you’ve made leading up to this point. You can always shift direction by making different choices.

Coincidentally (or not!), before I had really looked into the energies of this new moon, I wrote a blog last week that I never published, called You Are Enough… all about the reflection many of us undergo at this time of year, the judgment, the self-criticism, the aspects of this which actually do serve us well, and the aspects which are better left alone where they belong, buried. Some of the key points are included here.

The most important thing to remember as we move forward, embarking on a fresh new decade, is who we actually are, beneath all of the labels, is a light consciousness with the ability to be or manifest anything we desire. You are always enough. Never limited to the capabilities of your physical self, you always have the ability to tap in to an unlimited, abundant supply of any energy you desire.

When we are our own most critical judge, we project our feelings of inadequacy onto others… this shows up as thoughts that other people are thinking this or that about us not being good enough, when really, this is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves… or, on the flip side, if we’re on the receiving end of this type of judgment or criticism, this is a reflection of how the other person is feeling about herself or himself… so, don’t take it personally!

Take a deep breath.

Think about what matters.

You are here.

You are living a magnificent life in which you have the ability to create whatever reality you desire.

You can make different choices if you feel the choices you’ve made in the past aren’t serving the path you wish to be on.

You can smile. You can laugh. You can feel light. You can feel free. You don’t need to carry the burdens of the world on your shoulders. That is not your role. You only need to carry that which you desire.

The new moon is a time when the sun and the moon are conjunct, meaning they are occupying the same space (from our perspective if we were to look up at the sky). The moon goes completely dark as it pulls in energy from the sign it’s sitting in to recharge, to complete its next monthly cycle.

As always, your astrological chart shows your own very personal unique energetic signatures, so the current energetic influences will vary person by person. In this instance, if you have a lot of Capricorn energy dominating your personal chart, you are likely to feel the energy of this new moon more than someone else who may not have as much Capricorn energy dominating his or her chart.

The sign Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn (currently sitting in the sign Capricorn, feeling very much at home) and is all about setting goals, getting the work done, and manifesting. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, so it’s also deeply immersed in start-up energy and a sense of growing roots, connecting with Mother Earth. This is a great time to really assess what you would love to manifest and make present in your here and now and feel energetically supported to take those necessary steps.

Ask for your bold vision. Ask for your heart to be in alignment with what you truly desire without the fear-based safety net of, “I would settle for … (something less than)”. New moons have strong energy for setting intentions. Allow yourself to be in this space. Give yourself the time in the next couple of days to sit back and listen to what’s been tugging at you and determine what steps are needed to make this dream your reality.

Capricorn is the ambitious worker with a sense of integrity, duty, and patience. Capricorn stays on task. As you make your decisions, especially in the next few days, don’t be afraid to set the goals which might seem challenging. Challenge doesn’t mean you can’t. Challenge only means you may have to work a bit harder. What foundations are you building? What direction are you heading in? What steps are you taking towards this direction?

You are capable.

In addition to the sun and the moon conjunct in Capricorn, we also enjoy a conjunction here with the planet Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter moved into Capricorn on December 3 and it will stay there until December 20, 2020. Jupiter has a very playful, curious, and expansive energetic quality which inspires us to learn, to grow, to think about the things we want to learn – to realize how we can attain our freedom in terms of feeling fulfilled in our daily lives.

Of course, the impacts of these energies will vary from person to person, but this might show up as financial freedom, freedom with our daily schedule, health, work, or perhaps it comes down to freedoms from the limitations we have placed upon ourselves in the past – freedom from fears.

Take a good look at what you’ve been carrying with you. Does it serve you? Does it serve the person you wish to become. Every day, we each make thousands of choices. Decide today to choose the options which serve you best. Decide today to choose the options which will help you to feel the lightest. It is time to decide to break the lies. Decide what thoughts you are going to continue to agree to and what thoughts you are going to stop agreeing to.

You are enough.

You are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You are capable enough.

You are whole enough.

You are attractive enough.

You are forgiving enough.

You are genuine enough.

You are humble enough.

You are kind enough.

You are light enough.

You are lovable enough.

You are everything you desire to be enough.

You are enough.

This is a great time to meditate, create a vision board, work with your lists of appreciation and gratitude. Get clear on the direction you wish your life to take. Nurture yourself. Use this Capricorn energy to find your grounding – your anchors.

Not conjunct with the Moon, but also in Capricorn, is the planet of major transformation, Pluto. Pluto is conjunct Saturn, which suggests some hard work may be needed to see the major transformations.

So, we have the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in Capricorn right now, as well as some other less impactful indicators on a chart, creating what’s called a stellium. A stellium is a heavy concentration of energy (three or more planets) in a particular sign. With Capricorn as that sign, this is an amazing week to set goals and get things done. Don’t allow challenges or frustrations to distract you.

For a more personal take on how these energies might affect you, look at what fields of life experience are dominated by Capricorn in your own chart or click here if you’d like further guidance.

Close out 2019 with a bang! Be inspired to take action and make your 2020 look the way you envision!


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