How well do you know yourself?

Self-knowledge is the most important knowledge we seek. What we explore externally can often be seen as a mirrored journey to look within ourselves. Yoga and meditation are just two tools we can use to develop a better understanding of ourselves. The study of astrology offers us insights on another level.

Sheri is an excellent astrologer!  Approaching readings with a caring heart and a keen intuitive sense, she uses the perfect amount of detail and analysis to guide her clients on life’s journey!

~Abby M.

Astrology shows us what kind of energy we are born with as well as our tendencies. We can see where our strengths and weaknesses lie and by learning more, we can use certain energetic signatures to enhance or soften the sharper points of our personalities.

For thousands of years, astrology was used by those in power to guide their actions. When we understand our astrological blueprint, we better understand the range of possibilities within us and how we can best express them.

You know your sun sign, but there is so much more behind the scenes!

What’s in your stars?

Astrology Services offered:

Sheri did a full astrology chart for me and my significant other. It was extremely thorough and she did an amazing job explaining what everything meant. Since I’ve never had a chart done, I learned a lot from it. Her information was very accurate and insightful; it really helped us understand each other in a new perspective.
Sheri is delightful and I will recommend her to everyone.
~Lily D.