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I had an energy session with Sheri Craze a few days ago and she is nothing short of amazing ~Over the years I have experienced many variations of energy work and this was an exception.

Sheri strikes me as an old soul and I do believe this is her true calling. The way she works conveys knowledge, confidence, and an intuitive awareness that is only matched by her generosity of spirit. During the work, I felt that she was “all in” –  totally invested in my personal empowerment and growth. Throughout our session the energy was palpable…and once it was completed I felt a perfectly peaceful sense of calm.

I highly recommend Sheri Craze for anyone interested in experiencing the powerful benefits of energy work with a truly gifted practitioner.

~Alyse L.

Sheri is an excellent astrologer!  Approaching readings with a caring heart and a keen intuitive sense, she uses the perfect amount of detail and analysis to guide her clients on life’s journey!

~Abby M.

I met Sheri a few years ago as a fellow yoga instructor. Her energy was and is electrifying.  Her high positive energy was compelling and she is just someone you NEED to know.  We became friends instantly and have maintained a friendship ever since.

Her knowledge of yoga is remarkable but her connection to the divine is amazing. Hand to God I can attest that every time we connect whether by phone or in person I LITERALLY experience goosebumps! Her insight to deliver whatever her clients need seems intuitive beyond.  

Consider yourself very blessed to know and or work with her.

~Karen S.

Thank you for a wonderful session and incredible insight. It was very validating and spot on. So helpful! You are a gift!! I knew I had to come for a reason and that came through. So grateful for you!! 🙂

~Beth P.

Sheri is an amazing yoga instructor. It seems she always feels what your body needs at this given time and she is always very flexible to adjust if someone comes up with a special request.

~Barbara B.

Sheri Craze has been my life coach for a couple of years now. I can not even begin to imagine where I might be had it not been for her sincere and genuine concern for my optimum health and wellness both physically and spiritually. I can not even explain the gratitude in my heart for her coming into my life. Thank you
<3 I love you <3

~Sherri S.

Sheri introduced me to the massage balls during one of her yoga classes and I was amazed how different my back felt afterwards. No need to take any pain killers if you can help yourself by simply exercising with the massage balls. I highly recommend to try them if you have any muscle tension or pain.

~Barbara B.