Where your Chakra Ninja meets your Crystal Ninja meets Usui Reiki meets other energy modalities meets the Starz!

During this go at your own pace and take up to 36 months to complete course, you will learn:

* about the importance of energy work for positive impact around the world

* about energetic space & how to clear & maintain your own energy field

* about intuitive development & trusting your intuitive thoughts

* about grounding & protecting – why this is important

* about spirit guides and totems

* about Chakras & understanding your energy experience

* what Reiki is

* the Reiki ideals & the 5 Reiki principles

* about the history of Usui Reiki

* what it means to be a “healer”, to practice energy work, & how Reiki works

* how to use Reiki symbols

* how to use Reiki hand positions

* a deeper exploration of energy movement (exercises)

* about the pillars of Reiki

* techniques, how to craft guided meditations for use during sessions, and how to use crystals and stones to enhance your practice

* how to perform energy work yourself & on others

* how to perform distance energy work

* about ethical & legal boundaries

* how to give Reiki attunements

* major differences between Reiki & other energy modalities

* incorporation of several different forms of energy work into one session to provide the most beneficial experience for you & your client

* astrology basics (including how to perform natal chart readings, synastry readings, and transit readings for you, friends, and clients) and how you can use this information to enhance your Spiritual Energy Work biz

* beginning your Spiritual Energy Work biz

** Included:

  • 21 hours of session training time to cover the above course material, divided into private or semi-private sessions of 2-5 hours each over a period of 12-36 months
  • Reiki Level 1, Level 2, & Reiki Master attunement ceremonies will be conducted as various sections of the course are completed & knowledge of the coursework is demonstrated
  • 4 private 60 minute sessions to be certain there is a complete understanding of the coursework & so specific questions can be answered. Your Reiki attunements will take place during three of these private sessions. The Reiki Master attunement will take place during the final private session which will only be scheduled when you are ready (at a minimum of five months of practice time following your Reiki Level 2 attunement). Private sessions can be either in person (local in Southwest Florida) or via webcam.
  • Additional 60 minute private sessions are available for just $125 during the first 18 months from the date you register for this life-changing course (regularly $175). Include as many sessions as you’d like to gain confidence before launching your Spiritual Energy Work biz & as you begin your Spiritual Energy Work biz. *Included private sessions can be reserved until you are ready for each Reiki attunement.*

**All sessions are private or semi-private (experience this life-changing journey with a friend or family member!) with Sheri Craze either local live in person in Southwest Florida or via webcam.

**Entire course offering is just $2,750 for individual private training. Payment plans are available – just ask!

**Entire course offering is just $1,997 per person if participating with a friend (the 4 included private sessions are private – only the 21 session training hours would be semi-private), with payment plans available.

**One partial scholarship per calendar year is available for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ people. Apply via email to WellnessCraze@gmail.com indicating why you think you most deserve this scholarship.

Email Sheri at WellnessCraze@gmail.com for additional information, to sign up for this life-changing program, or to apply for a scholarship.