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Own your epic transformation!

January, 2021

at Cape Coral Yoga & Pilates in beautiful Southwest Florida.

Discover who you are. 

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, meditation, energy work, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pranayama, yoga philosophy, astrology, and so much more!

This training is about:

YOU finding your voice.

YOU feeling confident.

YOU owning your epic transformation.

There is so much you can do with this new knowledge, this new self, when you discover who you are on the other side.

YES, you will learn to teach yoga, but this is so much more!

There is nothing like a yoga teacher training taught by an experienced energy coach, life coach, meditation, & yoga professional to guide you on the most transformative journey of your life.

Own your energy.

Own your voice.

Own your SELF.

Strip away all of the labels, the stories, the lies others have told you you are.

You are not those labels, those stories, those lies.

This is your time.

Own it.

Your epic transformation begins this January.

Show up.

The world needs you.

Space is limited. Apply now!

Scholarships & payment plans available upon request.

Own Your Energy Yoga Academy’s Road Map To Owning Your Energy 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was designed with the new very strict Common Core Curriculum standards for a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) in mind.

Quit trying to be the person you think other people want you to be.

Discover who you really are.

Find peace within the knowledge of your self.

We will cover more than 100 Hatha asanas (poses/postures) in this training, including asanas in the Hot 26&2 sequence (Bikram). Confidently teach All Levels Hatha and Gentle Hatha classes by the summer!

Weekend Only Training (11 weekends 9 am – 7 pm):

Saturday 01/09/2021
Sunday 01/10/2021

Saturday 01/16/2021
Sunday 01/17/2021

Saturday 01/30/2021
Sunday 01/31/2021

Saturday 02/06/2021
Sunday 02/07/2021

Saturday 02/13/2021
Sunday 02/14/2021 (Because… lovvve!! <3)

Saturday 03/06/2021
Sunday 03/07/2021

Saturday 03/13/2021
Sunday 03/14/2021

Saturday 03/27/2021
Sunday 03/28/2021

Saturday 04/10/2021
Sunday 04/11/2021

Saturday 05/15/2021
Sunday 05/16/2021 

Saturday 06/05/2021
Sunday 06/06/2021 

Saturday 06/12/2021 Graduation & Community Classes – Let the world see your new fabulous self SHINE!

Develop the solid foundation you need to teach with confidence. Trust in your capabilities.

Learn to plan and lead asana, pranayama, and meditation classes and workshops. Learn to offer asana variations to accommodate a variety of body types, injuries, and restrictions.

Crystal Reiki I and a foundational understanding of astrology are included in this training as well as a comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy, functional anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and yoga business mastery.

You will be supported in identifying goals for your yoga business and creating an effective strategy to make them happen!

This 200+ hour program will provide you the qualifications, skills, and the inspiration to embark on the next phase of your yoga journey. Whether you decide to pursue specialized advanced training, take your yoga on the road and teach internationally (live or online), or to build a client base in your local area, you will have the foundation you need.

Application requirements:

  • You are more than 18 years old.
  • You have a consistent yoga asana practice for at least 6 months with a strong desire to learn more.

Next Steps:

  • Still have questions? Schedule a call with Sheri Craze… text (727) 275-0737 or email
  • Download your application here! There is a non-refundable $55 application fee which can be applied towards your tuition should your application be approved.


2 Partial Scholarships available for members of the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC communities. Click here to download a scholarship application.

Register for $3,333.

Payment arrangements available as follows:

Pay any amount towards full tuition by the first day of training and pay a total of $3,333.

If you’d like to make payment arrangements continuing through dates after training has begun, that’s okay! We understand. A deposit of at least $1,111 is required to hold your space by January 1 (including the $55 application fee). Once training has begun, payments are required at the beginning of each training weekend (including the first training weekend) in an amount no less than $333 to be paid in full totaling $3,777 no later than April 1, 2021. (If 7 equal payments of $333 are made at the beginning of the first 7 training weekends, the final payment will be $335 due April 1.) If payments are not made timely, you will not be permitted to attend future training sessions until payments are brought up to date. Please note, this will result in the loss of scheduled session time which can be made up with Sheri Craze for an additional fee.

Cancellations prior to January 1 will receive a refund, with the exception of the $55 Application Fee and additional $500 Registration Deposit ($555 total which is required to hold your space). Cancellations after January 1, but before training begins, will receive a refund for payments in excess of $1,111.

Next Steps:

  • Still have questions? Schedule a call with Sheri Craze… text (727) 275-0737 or email
  • Download your application here! There is a non-refundable $55 application fee which can be applied towards your tuition should your application be approved.