What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind and body practice which not only strengthens muscles and improves flexibility, but gives someone the ability to practice quieting and focusing the mind which allows a decrease in the effects of overall stress in someone’s life.

Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit . . . union of ego and spirit . . . union of mundane and divine.

Yoga is yuj to join or yoke . . . the path to knowing oneself.  According to Patanjali, yuj means to unite, putting two things together, but also putting ourselves together with a means of doing something – having the means of doing something.

So, yoga means “application of means.” Applying yourself to a means of doing something and application, an effort to achieve something else.

Yoga is a set of practices you do to answer the question of the existential dilemma.

Benefits of Yoga include:

Increased flexibility, muscles strength, muscle tone

Improved health & feeling better

Enhanced focus & balance

Invigorated feelings of positive energy

Decreased anxiety

Enhanced sexual health

Better posture

Improved mood

Increased self-esteem

Better sleep

And so much more!

Because happiness comes from within . . . Become a better version of yourself . . . This is your journey . . . Invest in yourself & make it beautiful!

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