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Intuitive & Custom Jewelry Designs:


The bracelet Sheri designed and made for me is absolutely beautiful. She uses real gems and for my bracelet she combined snowflake obsidian and lapis lazuli. It looks perfect. Love it!

~Barbara B.

I just wanted to say how wonderful the roll on oil mixtures are. I have 2 and both are wonderful. They smell so soothing. They also help me relax and feel good in general. I went through a hardship just recently and the lavender mixed oil roll on help tremendously. It helped me to be calm and it also helped me through my meditations, which mean a lot for me to do them for I suffer from anxiety. 

Again thank you so much for making me feel good again. I will continue to use these oils you have infused to maintain my happiness. You’re the best!!

All the Best,
Moira W.

I tried different flavors of Sheri’s insect repellent and they work really well for most of the mosquitos. I love that I can defeat those “little beasts” without having to use heavy chemical poison.

~Barbara B.